Privacy Policy
Personal Information Protection Basic Policy
Artistic Decor Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "our company"), customer's personal information has been deposited with the Company for the purpose of a specific purpose by ourselves, with the trust of our company, We securely keep personal information and promise to handle personal information appropriately as follows.

  • (Compliance with Laws and Regulations)
    When dealing with personal information (a person who can identify a specific individual, the same shall apply hereinafter), we are obliged to comply with various laws concerning personal information protection, including the law concerning the protection of personal information, and the guidelines of the competent minister , And comply with this policy.
  • (Clarification of purpose of use)
    We will handle personal information only within the range necessary for achieving the specified usage purpose in advance, except when we obtain prior consent from the person himself / herself and when it is accepted by law.
  • (Acquisition of personal information)
    We will strive to acquire personal information in advance by clearly indicating necessary purpose such as purpose of use, scope of co-users, inquiry counter etc. before obtaining your consent. In addition, we may record the contents of dealings and inquiries at our company.
  • (Safety management measures)
    We strive to keep personal information we keep with accurate and up to date within the purpose of use, and in accordance with the current state of the art in order to prevent unauthorized access, leakage, alteration, destruction, destruction, etc. We will take necessary and appropriate safety control measures and correct them as necessary.
  • (Provision to third parties)
    In the following cases, we may consign handling of personal information we keep to a third party. Third parties will recognize that there is sufficient security level for the handling of personal information and will conduct necessary and appropriate supervision through contract etc.
    · Disclosure or provision to a third party is required based on laws and regulations
    · When requested to be disclosed or provided from the government agencies or other public institutions in order to avoid danger concerning the life, body or property of the person himself or a third party
    · When you use personal information in cooperation with a specific company etc and when you are informing or notifying the fact and use purpose in advance
  • (Response to requests for inquiries, disclosure, correction, suspension of use etc.)
    In the case of receiving an inquiry concerning the handling of its own personal information or request for disclosure, correction, suspension of use etc. from the person him / herself, the fact that the inquiry or request is due to the person himself / herself We will respond appropriately and promptly after confirmation.

November 1, 2016

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